[GSDI Legal Econ] Supreme Court orders Greenwich (CT) to release aerial photos and maps

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Tue Jun 21 18:17:04 EDT 2005

city GIS deemed 'public record'.... 

Supreme Court orders Greenwich to release aerial
photos and maps
Published June 15 2005
STAMFORD, Conn. -- The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled
Wednesday that Greenwich must release its computer
database of aerial photographs and maps, rejecting
arguments that the information could be used by
criminals or terrorists and would jeopardize the
affluent town's privacy.

The town maintains the images in a tightly kept
database known as a geographic information system,
which a Superior Court judge declared to be public
records. In a unanimous ruling, the high court
rejected the town's appeal of that decision.

Published June 16 2005
GREENWICH -- The state Supreme Court dealt Greenwich a
potential knockout yesterday in a landmark public
records case, ordering the release of all aerial
photos of the town from a tightly kept database that
includes images of celebrity homes.

The state's highest court ruled that the town lacked
evidence to support its claim that the release of the
images presented an immediate danger to the community,
denying Greenwich's appeal of a lower court's decision
in the 4-year-old case.

At the center of the case is the town's geographic
information system, a high-tech, taxpayer-funded
database containing detailed aerial photographs of
homes, schools, businesses and public safety
facilities, as well as maps showing fire hydrants,
utility lines and bridges -- information that town
leaders fear could be used by terrorists or


Here are several links about this case... it has been
going through the courts for a while:
GIS Case Brewing in CT
Reporters Committee argues map records should be
released in electronic format 
Potential release of GIS data involves 'serious
privacy and security issues' 

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