[GSDI Legal Econ] Have your say about PSI re-use conditions and charging (deadline 29 January)

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The ePSIplus Network is carrying out a ‘PSI Pricing’ Survey. The purpose is to assess how the EU PSI (Public Sector Information) Directive and the national law(s) that transpose the Directive within the European Union and European Free Trade Area Member States have affected charging for and conditions of PSI Re-use (July 2005 to November 2008). 
The survey questionnaire provides an opportunity for public sector information stakeholders to have a say and report experiences with PSI re-use charging developments, problems and issues since July 2005. 
	* All persons with an interest in and having information about PSI Re-use charging and conditions are encouraged to complete the questionnaire (from Europe and elsewhere). 
	* The questionnaire wasreviewed by expert participants at the 3rd ePSIplus Meeting - PSI Pricing – Impact Analysis in the Context of the PSI Directive, 20-21 Nov 08, Athens. The final version of the questionnaire incorporates inputs from this expert group. http://www.epsiplus.net/events/thematic_meetings/financial_impact/financial_impact_meeting_3
	* Findings of the survey will present an independent overview of developments (since July 2005) on conditions of PSI Re-use and charging practices, as well as report on awareness of the PSI Directive relating to pricing and charging issues. 
	* Findings will be published on the ePSIplus web portal and will be considered in the context of findings and reports from a series of three expert ePSIplus Meetings on the PSI Pricing Theme.  http://www.epsiplus.net/events/thematic_meetings/financial_impact
	* The questionnaire will remain open and accessible from the ePSIplus web portal from now until the 26 January 2009. 
	* · The questionnaire is short and easy to complete. Completed questionnaires can be returned by email to Chris Corbin, ePSIplus Analyst Chris.Corbin at ePSIPlus.net and Mary Gianoli, ePSIplus Project Manager Mary.Gianoli at ePSIplus.net. 

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