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Dear colleagues

One of the on-going global efforts with which UN spatial data infrastructure initiative must align is GEOSS, the Global Earth Observation System of Systems. The architecture for future, operational GEOSS is based on the same open standards underlying other SDIs. During 2007, various task groups have been working to devlop demonstrators showing application in various societal benefit areas for distributed systems built upon the distributed registries, catalogues, data repositories and display services found within the GEOSS community around the world. 

The scenarios include emergency event detection (wildfires in South Africa), biodiversity vulnerability assessment (protected areas in Africa), decision support (impact of pipeline routing on migratory wildlife in polar regions), and a number of emergency response setups (oil spill in the Philippines, volcano eruption in Indonesia, and hurricanes in the Caribbean)

The key technology point to drive home here is that there is no one single technology involved - the data and map services are all sort of combination of commercial, open-source and freeware; the viewers range from Google Earth, Geonetwork, specialized science viewers through to ESRI desktop products. Their ability to work together hinges on the common use of open standards, principally OGC and OASIS - again, the same set we're looking at for UNSDI and SDI-EA

Videos of these demonstrators can be found at http://www.ogcnetwork.net/AIPdemos They give (I think) a good feel for the state of play of all this interoperability stuff and where we might be going. yes, a lot of it is "first world", bandwidth intensive and not yet usable in much of the developing world but the principles of data and service sharing are now becoming practice and the role for an organization like UNEP as a broker and advocate for open access to data and services.

Anyway, it's about 30 minutes worth of worthy distraction.

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