[SDI-Africa] job: Post Doc Soil Scientist/Ecologist, World Agroforestry Centre, Abidjan

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Post Doc Soil Scientist/Ecologist,World Agroforestry Centre, Abidjan, Cöte d’Ivoire
Deadline: November 4, 2011
ICRAF has developed methods for landscape level measurement and mapping of vegetation and soil health using a combination of remote sensing, systematic field survey and new photon-based soil analytical techniques. The results are used to help target sustainable land management and agroforestry interventions, provide a baseline on ecological conditions, and monitor intervention impacts on the natural resource base. ICRAF is already applying these methods under the Africa Soil Information Service (www.africasoils.net), and in a number of development projects.
In collaboration with Mars Inc we are designing a land health surveillance system to help steer interventions in the smallholder cocoa sector in Cöte d’Ivoire in partnership with the national programmes. The surveillance system will develop baselines and monitor soil and plant nutritional and pest/disease aspects, soil hydraulic properties, plant productivity, and biodiversity.
In collaboration with ICRAF scientists and national partners, the successful candidate, who will be based in Abidjan with frequent visits to the field sites, will contribute to the following:
•Design and implementation of a land health surveillance system for a sustainable cocoa production project in Cöte d’Ivoire.
•Analysis and interpretation of spatial surveillance data on vegetation, soils, cocoa production, pests and diseases.
•Spatial prediction and mapping of results through statistical modelling in relation to satellite and GIS data.
•Reports giving recommendations on soil and plant management options.
•Scientific articles on the approaches and results.
•Capacity strengthening of national partners in the above.
The successful applicant will have: 
•A PhD in natural sciences
•Field experience in tropical developing countries
•Experience with large ecological data sets and database management
•Sound publication record
•Sound knowledge of soil science, agronomy and terrestrial ecology
•Strong quantitative and statistical skills in multivariate and multilevel modelling
•Experience with GIS and remote sensing
•High proficiency in both English and French.
Knowledge of R and Knime, and experience in cocoa agronomy will be an added advantage.
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