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PhD Research Scholarships
Division of Environmental and Life Sciences
Two PhD research scholarships are available at Macquarie University in the Department of Human Geography as listed below.
1. Indigenous Knowledge in Sustainable Development Frameworks in Australia’s northern border regions
In tropical Australia and neighbouring areas of Indonesia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea and the region, many of the key economic systems in agriculture, fishing, forestry and tourism rely on high levels of indigenous ecological knowledge, although this is often not strongly recognised by or facilitated in the agendas of governments and development assistance programs. This project will develop a framework for integrating indigenous ecological knowledge into better environmental, social and economic futures for these regions and identify how indigenous knowledge might enhance cultural and environmental values in regional economic systems.
2. Processes of community formation in Sydney
Whilst community has become the ‘buzzword’ of contemporary urban planning and land development discourses in Sydney, understandings of community are limited. Questions such as what is community, how communities are created and maintained, influences on community formation and their variation across the city remain. Using qualitative and case study research methods, the scholarship holder will examine the social and spatial influences on community formation and how people relate to each other within neighbourhoods.
For both scholarships applicants should have completed a four year undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline (Geography, Anthropology, Environmental Studies, Human Ecology, Cultural Studies, Sociology or related area) with first class honours, or an equivalent qualification.
The successful applicant if an Australian citizen/permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen, would receive a RAACE award; other International applicants would receive an iMURS award. The stipend for the award is currently $18,837 per annum, tax exempt, and the tenure is 3 years full time subject to satisfactory progress.
Further information on the project may be obtained by emailing Associate Professor Richard Howitt on rhowitt at els.mq.edu.au or phoning (02) 9850 8386.
Application forms, and conditions for RAACE/iMURS awards, are available from the Higher Degree Research Unit by phoning (02) 9850 7987, by e-mailing pgschol at mq.edu.au, or by downloading from www.ro.mq.edu.au/hdru/scholar.htm 
Applications should be forwarded to:
The Scholarship Officer
Higher Degree Research Unit
Cottage C4C
Macquarie University 
NSW 2109 
Closing Date:  Monday 21 November  2005.

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