[SDI-Europe] Inspiring Scotland - call for papers and posters

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Inspiring Scotland - "An ideas forum and open competition to encourage and promote innovative thinking connecting the places, spaces and faces of Scotland"
15 November 2007
Edinburgh, Scotland 
Inspiring Scotland seeks papers and posters that can articulate either the actual or potential benefits to Scotland of being able to successfully draw knowledge from geographically coalescent information.     Authors who are able to clearly identify benefits in societal, environmental, economic, business development or governance terms will be eligible to compete for prizes donated by the event’s sponsors.  This will include, but will not necessarily be restricted to prizes for best paper, best poster, best student submission and best audience presentation (more detailed information about prizes to follow).
Prospective authors should submit a synopsis that describes their proposed paper to inspiringscotland at agi.org.uk by Tuesday 31st July 2007. 
Proposal template, http://www.agi.org.uk/SITE/UPLOAD/DOCUMENT/Events/ProposalScot2007.doc

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