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 ESRI Assists Haiti Earthquake Response
In the immediate aftermath of the Haiti earthquake GIS is assisting in identifying areas of extreme damage, impacts to critical infrastructure, areas suitable for food and water distribution and more. ESRI has developed a situational awareness Web site for workers and responders that provides officials with critical information used for making all types of decisions. ESRI is also working closely with the GIS community and relief agencies by providing software, technical support, GIS data and personnel. 
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 GeoConnections Announces Framework Data Guide
The GeoConnections Framework Data Guide is an online course designed to introduce framework data concepts, sources and uses. Framework data is common base map data that provides geospatial reference across Canada to physical features and other types of information linked to geography. Users can access it from a number of sources at various scales or levels of detail. 
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 GeoBase Product Specifications Becoming Canadian Standards
The Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Committee of Geomatics 171/1 and the CGSB Canadian Advisory Committee to ISO/TC 211 announced that four GeoBase Product specifications are proposed to be National Standards of Canada. The specifications under consideration are: Canadian Geographical Names, National Road Network, Canadian Digital Elevation Data and Landsat 7 Orthorectified Imagery. 
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High Resolution Satellite Imagery Announced
DigitalGlobe announced that its latest high-resolution imaging satellite, WorldView-2, has achieved full operational capability. Sub-meter imagery from the satellite is now available to global resellers, partners and customers. 
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USGS Releases Free 2005 Landsat Imagery
A new collection of nearly 10,000 selected Landsat earth images worldwide, Global Land Survey 2005 (GLS2005), is now available for free download from USGS to any user around the globe. 
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ESRI Data and Maps 2009 Update
Certain users can now request the ESRI Data & Maps 2009 Update, a stand-alone collection of Data & Maps datasets. Several layers from the 2009 Update are also available for download from the ESRI Data & Maps Group on ArcGIS Online. 
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USGS Announces a New Generation of Maps
US Topo is the next generation of digital topographic maps from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). US Topo maps are available free on the Web. Each map quadrangle is constructed in GeoPDF format from key layers of geographic data orthoimagery, roads, geographic names, contours and hydrographic features found in The National Map, which is a nationwide collection of integrated data from local, State, Federal and other sources. 
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Crime Mapping Web Site Upgraded to Provide More Functionality
The Crimemapping.com Web site has been improved to allow law enforcement agencies to automatically upload crime data for public consumption via the Web. The site, where visitors can view digital maps of their area of interest and point and click their way to information quickly and efficiently, is free to the general public. 
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OGC Network Enhances SWE Content
The OGC Network has added additional content to the Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) user pages. Additional information is available in the form of tutorials, cookbooks, examples, best practices, example applications, SWE-related events, software supporting SWE and links to additional Web sites supporting SWE. 
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GIS and SDI in the Middle East
Canadian Zul Jiwani discusses some of the history, the current state and the future for GIS and SDI in the Middle East. 
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Integrated Management and Geospatial Network for the Environment (IMAGINE)
IMAGINE Canada provides a forum to help users deal with challenges of integrating social, economic and environmental considerations. The IMAGINE Canada Web site contains resources related to integrated land management (ILM), including ILM policy, legislation and case studies. 
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Google Releases Near Me Now Application
Google's latest location-based feature for mobile devices will make it easier to find restaurants, bars, ATMs and more. The feature, called Near Me Now, is available on the Google homepage on iPhone (OS 3.0 or later) and Android (OS 2.0.1 or later) devices. It is currently available only for United States users. 
>> Read moreOGC Adopts Earth Observation Profile for Web-based Catalogue Services
The OGC announced adoption and availability of the OGC Earth Observation (EO) Application Profile for the OGC Catalogue Services - Web (CSW) Specification 2.0.2. The EO-CSW standard will benefit a wide range of stakeholders involved in the provision and use of data generated by satellite-borne and aerial radar, optical and atmospheric sensors. 
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What's Coming in ArcGIS 10
The ArcGIS 9.4 release was renamed ArcGIS 10 in January 2010. ArcGIS 10 is a major release of all aspects of ArcGIS and is designed to help perform GIS work faster. Listen to a podcast [MP3] of ESRI President Jack Dangermond explaining the rename to ArcGIS 10.
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Safe Software Releases FME 2010
Safe Software announced FME 2010, which includes new versions of FME Desktop and FME Server. These products are expected to make it easier than ever for users to access and use spatial data. 
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Data Model Downloads
The basic goals of ESRI's industry-specific data models are to simplify the process of implementing projects, and to promote and support standards that exist in our user communities. New data models, common methods, best practices and additional functionality are now available.
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DFO Approves Vessel Monitoring System
The iTrac Vessel Monitoring System provides managers, mariners and vessel operators with the latest in cost-effective satellite tracking and locating technologies packaged for the toughest ocean environmental conditions. The system has met all of the requirements of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS). 
>> Read moreWeb Mapping APIs
ESRI has released additional information related to the free Web Mapping APIs for Flex, JavaScript and Silverlight. 
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Outstanding European SDIs Win Awards
Twelve outstanding SDIs from 9 European countries were highly commended at an International Conference in November 2009 in Italy. The aim of the conference was to highlight promising SDI solutions in Europe, exchange experiences and learn from one another. 
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BC to modernize Land Title and Survey Authority
MDA has signed a contract for over $13.5 million with the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) to modernize the LTSAs existing information solutions and upgrade associated business processes. 
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W3C Releases WebCGM Standard for Web Applications
Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) is an ISO standard (ISO/IEC 8632:1999) for the interchange of 2D vector and mixed vector/raster graphics. WebCGM is a profile of CGM, which adds Web linking and is optimized for Web applications. It represents a significant interoperability agreement among major users and implementers of the ISO CGM standard. 
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States Map High-Speed Internet Coverage
The states of Alaska and Kansas plan to provide information on statewide broadband Internet coverage. Both states will provide data to support the creation of a nationwide map that identifies broadband service needs and supports efforts to expand high-speed Internet service to unserved and underserved U.S. communities. 
>> Read moreVMware Releases Technical Paper on ArcGIS Server
VMware has released a white paper describing the best practices for running a typical ESRI ArcGIS Server deployment on VMware Infrastructure. It provides basic guidance on the architectural design of an ArcGIS deployment and the value of utilizing the VMware platform to provide virtual infrastructure; discusses results of recent testing characterizing the performance and functionality of ArcGIS Server; and also outlines some best practices for utilizing the two products together in a datacenter.
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Abstract Deadline Extended for the Canadian Geomatics Conference (CGC) 
The 2010 CGC will be held in Calgary, Alberta, June 15-18, 2010. The theme of the 2010 event is Convergence in Geomatics - Shaping Canada's Competitive Landscape. Special streams will focus on leveraging the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure and Canada's success with spatial data infrastructures. 
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European 2010 INSPIRE Conference Call for Papers 
The INSPIRE Conference 2010 will take place from June 22-25, 2010 in Krakow, Poland. The theme of this years conference is INSPIRE as a Framework for Cooperation. The INSPIRE Conference will address common policy issues, applications and implementations of SDIs, research issues and new and evolving technologies and applications. The call for papers closes February 1, 2010. 
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GSDI 12 World Conference: Realizing Spatially Enabled Societies 
All sectors of society are becoming spatially enabled and contributing to the development of the global spatial data infrastructure. The GSDI 12 World Conference will be held in Singapore from October 19-22, 2010. The call for papers is now open with an abstract deadline of April 1, 2010.
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What is TCP/IP?
TCP/IP is the set of communication protocols used for the Internet and other similar networks. It is named from two protocols: the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP). The TCP/IP protocol provides end-to-end connectivity by specifying how data should be formatted, addressed, transmitted, routed and received at the destination. TCP/IP is generally described as having four abstraction layers: application (process-to-process); transport (host-to-host); Internet (internetworking); and link (networking methods). The TCP/IP model and related protocols are maintained by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). 
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Improving the accuracy and reliability of data [PDF]
The migration to geospatial governance from e-governance
GPS bracelets for people with Alzheimer's disease
RFP for Geoportal and Clearinghouse in India [PDF]
The GEOSS Technical Architecture explained
W3C specification for making Web content accessible to people with disabilities
Web-based asset maps for viewing underground utilities [PDF]
European agencies use OGC standards in meteorology

NSDI Framework for Croatia
OGC seeks input on next version of CityGML
Tsunami early warning system progressing in Indonesia
New ESRI book details evolving use of GIS in forestry industry 

ESRI Federal User Conference
February 17-19
Washington, DC 
AGU 2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting
February 22-26
Portland, OR 
NICDS - Workshop on Statistical Methods for Geographic & Spatial Data in the Management of Natural Resources
March 3-5
Montréal, QC

ILMF International Lidar Mapping Forum
March 3-5
Denver, CO
PDAC Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada
March 7-10
Toronto, ON 
ESRI Worldwide Business Partners Conference
March 21-23
Palm Springs, CA
ESRI Developer Summit
March 22-25
Palm Springs, CA
GLOBE 2010
March 24-26
Vancouver, BC
XXIV FIG International Congress 2010
April 11-16
Sydney, Australia
GeoTec Event 2010
April 13-15
Toronto, ON
GITA 2010 Geospatial Infrastructure Solutions Conference
April 25-29
Phoenix, AZ 

GSDI Regional Newsletters January 2010
UN-SPIDER December 2009 Update
Land Information Ontario Newsletter December 2009

OGC Newsletter January 2010 

Browse the interesting cartographic designs submitted to the 2010 Map Gallery contest.
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