[GSDI Technical] U.S. agencies to justify not using cloud computing to OMB

Kate Lance klance_remote at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 11 09:46:46 EST 2009

U.S. agencies to justify not using cloud computing to OMB
The Office of Management and Budget will require agencies to develop an alternative analysis discussing how they could use cloud computing for all major technology projects for the fiscal 2012 budget. 
Agencies will be expected to tell OMB why they wouldn't use cloud computing for these initiatives, according to the 2011 budget passback language obtained by FederalNewsRadio. 
And in 2013, agencies must give OMB a complete alternatives analysis for mixed life cycle projects where agencies are spending new money-known as development, modernization and enhancement-and steady state or operations and maintenance funding for how they could move to cloud computing, the budget instructions say. 

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